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Back by popular demand – but this time it’s in English.

You may remember the subject.

Adrian Bono, founder and CEO of The Bubble and The Essentialand video host at Infobae TV will repeat his presentation at a newly scheduled lunch conference set for Wednesday, November 6th, at the American Club of Buenos Aires which will explore the question “Could it be that the more we are connected to social media, the more we are misinformed?”

The lunch conference will address how the post-truth era involving today’s different mainstream and alternative media players threatens to expand its influence as the use of technology and disinformation campaigns continues to increase. From Twitter to the deep fake, Adrian Bono will explain why fake news, together with climate change, is the great threat of our time.

How do fake news and disinformation impact democracies and electoral processes? Where do they proliferate? How do we identify them?

The American Club of Buenos Aires is located at Viamonte 1133, Piso 10, directly across the street from the Teatro Colón. This year, the Club is celebrating its 101st year as a private social hub for Americans, American institutions located in Buenos Aires, and those interested in participating in and promoting strong bilateral relations between Argentina and the United States.

Guests will take seats for lunch at 1 PM. To reserve and purchase tickets contact 4373-8801/05 or reservas@americanclub.org.ar or complete the form below. Tickets are AR $925 for American Club members and AR $1,100 for non-members when purchased prior to October 23rd. Thereafter, the cost will be AR $975 for members and AR $1,300 for non-members.

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