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Breakfast conference on October 30, 2019 for those interested in learning more about the role of lithium, and its potential, in Argentina and elsewhere.

  • What:  A breakfast conference at the American Club of Buenos Aires
  • Subject: Lithium’s Role in the Energy Future
  • Speaker:  Emily Hersh, well-known lithium industry expert
  • When:  9.30 am Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • Where:  The American Club of Buenos Aires, Viamonte 1133, Floor 10 (in front of Colon Theatre).
  • Price for Club Members: Prior to Oct 29, AR$ 850.  On or after Oct 29, AR$ 890.
  • Price for Non-Club Members: Prior to Oct 29, AR$ 900.  On or after Oct 29, AR$ 990.
  • HowFor tickets contact reservas@americanclub.org.ar or phone 4373-8801/05 or complete de form below
  • The event will be in English. Questions can be posed in either English or Spanish

“Lithium’s Role in the Energy Future”

Welcome to the future, powered by lithium.

Lithium is in the headlines almost daily because of its critical role in the batteries that will power the future – but much of the information that is accepted as common knowledge is misleading, or even incorrect. In this talk, Emily Hersh will explain the role of lithium in batteries – but also what other minerals and technology are necessary to make a battery. She will talk about lithium as a raw material – and what kinds of lithium deposits there are in Latin America. She will explain the battery supply chain and the lithium market, focusing on why lithium is not a commodity and the importance of producing lithium chemical compounds that can be used to make a battery.


Emily Sarah Hersh is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she serves as Managing Partner of DCDB Research. Emily is a well-known lithium industry expert and is the co-host of the popular Global Lithium Podcast (www.lithiumpodcast.com). Emily manages projects in South America for companies in the mining, energy, oil and gas industries. Her specialization in lithium includes project due diligence, country risk assessment and emerging battery technologies. She manages a private family office fund dedicated to raw materials in the battery supply chain.  For more information see: https://payneinstitute.mines.edu/project/emily-sarah-hersh/

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